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Joy @ Work

The rare appearance of joy at work is so painfully exquisite that we may actually experience joy as a moment of terror. (You’ve just been given the project of your dreams… now you have to perform!) It opens us to all our possibilities and yet casts a shadow of comparison across all our other moments. (I’ve never been here before…  I hope I don’t do something stupid or miss an important detail that could kill the project… and my job!)

Joy brings an intimation of death and mortality. This joy will pass as all others have before it. Laughter catches in our throat because we refuse to accept the corollary of joy, the soul-enriching poignancy of loss.

The experience of joy in the workplace means we are made more vulnerable to loss in a corporate culture where loss is the first bullet point on the important list of things not to be experienced.

We feel there must be something wrong with the natural vulnerability that accompanies joy and refuse to harvest those moments which bring nothing to us but pure experience itself, where even failure is welcomed as the salt that gives flavor to the feast.

The GOD Participle – Facebook Page introduction

The author shares insight and inspiration for your own stroll along the path of life. The rare and unique opportunity provided by a profoundly impactful Near-Death Experience as a teenager compelled the author to dig deeper and discover the simple truths buried under the layers of life. English is a wonderful language and allows a playful nuance to sharing deep thoughts.
“The GOD Participle, a Sub-Atomic Stroll in Being” takes one on an interesting journey shared by the author into realms few explore. What is the God Participle? We all have unique experiences that mold and shape our lives in wonderful ways, including the trial and tribulations of garnering wisdom in life. The reason I love the English language: Being is a present participle, not future or past. It’s a NOW thing. The Giver of Data streams live.
The GOD Participle explores both science and spirituality in an unexpected and perhaps seminal view, combining wit and wisdom for the new millennium. It concludes with an interesting postulation regarding the GOD Particle, the Higgs-boson, and its potential for new understanding beyond the supposed scientific discovery.

Peer Advisory Board Website Introduction

Face-to-Face or Virtual Peer Advisory Boards

Being Alone at the Top is difficult. Who can you talk with to get answers that keep you up all night. No unbiased peers, family, or friends to sound out on issues, no one to give support when difficult decisions have to be made. Imagine the difference an advisory board would make for you and your business whether it is a face to face or virtual Peer Advisory Board.

A Peer Advisory Board solves the inaccessibility of expertise and solutions for small business owners. Non-competitive business owner giving support and their experience of what works in a sounding board.

It’s like having your own mastermind group that helps you grow your business. Our Virtual Boards are easy – any place, on any device. Face-to-face peer boards are only currently in the Chicago and Phoenix metro areas.

ZERO to ONE Amazon Description

You might think this is going to be about computer code, the binary system of ones and zeros, and how technology is going to help manage our planetary civilization. In a sense you’d be right, but not in the way you might think. In another sense, and perhaps quite literally, the internet is an interface into such a system that is driven by both emotion and logic, with the capability to engage people, places and things for various purposes.

There is another binary connection that, through the choice of ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ molds our reality on a moment to moment basis. It, too, is an emotion and logic driven system. The two are nearly inseparable and often in conflict.

We ask questions and ponder paths, imagining possibilities for creating a sustainable world. Current quantum theory indicates we have more capacity for becoming self-aware and managing our reality better; individually influencing a collective consciousness.

Reinventing Yourself – Amazon Description

Professionals in the 21st century are often displaced and/or ‘RIFfed’ with the shifting economy and find themselves ill-prepared for a new marketplace.

How do we present ourselves in the digital world?

What are the professional’s social tools to find new pastures?

How does one present themselves in the new marketplace for the best results?

Certain things can be done to manage the mayhem that comes along with the mad dash for re-establishing an income or finding a similar position. Sometimes we are challenged by a lack of opportunity in our given field.

Skill sets are often transferable, but how?

Managing finances through difficult periods is one of the greatest challenges in transition.

How far can we stretch things?

What can we do without?

Where can we reduce or redirect our expenditures?

How can we manage our portfolio better in down times?

These questions and more are addressed within these pages. The authors are a Columbia grad with a PhD in Finance, a 25-year successful sales trainer and a socially mediated extrovert with a MA in Organizational Mgt. and MBA in Project Mgt..

How to Grow Your Business Using LinkedIn – Amazon Description

You are about to embark on a journey into cyberspace, specifically into the realms of LinkedIn™ and its many features. As you might imagine, no one person or book has all the answers. In this book we’ll look at information collected from a number of sources, plus offer some wisdom regarding relationship building.

Inside you’ll find some amazing infographics along with this chapter content:

Getting the Gold
Where Are You Going?
What can you do?
Personal Profiles
Your Video Message
Reading List
Preparing a Company Profile
Creating Company Profile
26 Tips: LinkedIn™ Best Practices
A Beginner’s Guide to LinkedIn™ Showcase Pages
Creating a Showcase Page
Building Your Network
Getting Leads from LinkedIn™
10 Best Email Practices
Developing Relationships
11 Tips to Find the Best LinkedIn Groups
How to Create a Buzz
Social Media Impact and Scoring Tools
Some Sales Information
Sales Statistics
Customer Statistics
Looking to Fill Some Slots?
Additional Helpful Links

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